Tire or Wheel Alignment in Fredericksburg, Va

Poor tire or wheel alignment can compromise your ability to drive safely and can also result in serious tire wear and breakage of your suspension components. It also increases the chance for you to get into an accident, which can cause serious injuries or death.

Car owners often times easily overlook the importance of tire or wheel alignment as it cannot be seen with a naked eye. In some cases, it can be subtle and you won’t even notice it. That’s why regular tire or wheel alignment checkups for your car is a must. The longer your car runs healthily, the better maintenance you keep. If your tire alignment feels off, it’s time to get it fixed!

When your tire are aligned, you can steer more easily and avoid accidents. That is where Airport Auto Sales can help you in getting your tires aligned in Fredericksburg, Va for a long-lasting performance.

How does tire alignment work?

Tire alignment is the process of adjusting the angles of a vehicle’s wheels to improve performance. It involves adjusting angles of the wheels, usually the toe angle and camber angle. Alignment also refers to the positioning of the wheels in relation to the vehicle’s centerline, which affects steering and handling. Alignment angles are measured from the geometry axles, or more commonly from the centerline of the wheel.

Tire alignments involves careful measurement on a precision equipment handled by your Airport Auto Sales qualified expert.

Why getting your tires aligned important?

If your wheels and tires aren’t aligned properly, they will wear unevenly and prematurely. Affecting your ability to drive safely and can potentially damage other parts of your car. Thus increasing the probability of you getting into serious accidents.

Also, these types of undue tread wear are caused by misalignment:


When the tread of a tire has a smooth side and a sharp side, it is considered feathered. A poor alignment of the toes usually causes this.

Camber wear

The tread strain in this instance means the tire tread is significantly less worn on the inside or outside than it is in the center. This type of wear happens when there is a positive or negative camber.

Heel/toe wear

If the tread blocks on one side wear down more quickly than on the other circumferentially, this will happen. From the side, the tread looks and feels like saw teeth, so it feels like they are jagged. If your heels or toes feel worn, it could be a sign of under inflation and/or insufficient rotation.

What are the signs that your tires need to be aligned?

Are you are experiencing difficulty driving straight? Or you can feel you are drifting sideways, with unusual vibrations, or just having difficulty steering. It might be time to take it to Airport Auto Sales to have one of our tire experts checked.

What is the average tire alignment time in Fredericksburg, Virginia?

A tire alignment normally takes one hour, whether it’s a two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive vehicle. When suspension components are damaged or worn out, steering bushings, track rods, and other components have to be replaced, the repair process takes longer.

How long will the tire alignment last?

Airport Auto Sales tire experts recommends having tire alignment every one or two years. Car manufacturers do not include tire alignment in their regular maintenance schedule. And it is also recommended undergoing tire alignment with every new purchase of tires.

How can Airport Auto Sales help with your tire alignment in Fredericksburg, Va?

With over 20 years of experience Airport Auto Sales tire expert uses state-of-the-art precision equipment to carefully measure and adjust the tire alignment and properly align your tires when it is needed.

Don’t hesitate to visit or contact us if you suspect or can feel your car have unusual vibrations or having difficulty driving straight.



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