Car Wash and Waxing Service in Fredericksburg, VA

Reduce the risk of corrosion and unpleasant looks of your car by regularly keeping it clean and having it waxed as well. A weekly or bi-weekly car wash and waxing service are a very small investment that can pay off to make your used car in its ideal state and protect the exteriors from corrosion. A car wash will wash away dirt and debris to make your car look spotless. At the same time, car waxing is also essential which involves applying a thick coat of wax which acts as a protection barrier to your paint, allowing it to harden slightly, and then buffing it with a polisher or a towel to keep it shiny as well as protect it from scratches and the paint from fading.

Airport Auto Sales—Dealers of Used Cars in Fredericksburg, VA gives you essential points on Car Wash and Waxing Service, including its benefits, and dangers of not doing so through this content.

What are the dangers of not washing and waxing your car?

Not washing or waxing your used car poses many risks and dangers. If you do not take your vehicle for car waxing, it will not give you a mirror-like finish to your used car. As for car wash, it will damage your car and make it prone to scratches and corrosion, especially when it is exposed to the sunny weather in Fredericksburg, VA as well as rain, mud, dirt which may attract them to your car surface as you drive.

What are the benefits that your car gets when it undergoes car wash and waxing service?

How often your used car does get a car wash? Some get their car wash to keep their car looking its best; others only do it when they notice that their car gets dirty or turned a completely different color. No matter the reason is it is essential to know why car wash and waxing service in Fredericksburg, VA is ideal regularly. Some of which are listed below and worth considering.


  • It helps you avoid further damage: Especially when your car is exposed to rain, mud, and dirt, they may attract themselves to your car’s surface as you drive. While it is barely noticeable at first, the mineral that is in them can cause excessive damage to your paint job over time. Hence, it is vital to take time to have your car washed regularly to blast away those impurities.
  • It improves the condition of your vehicle: Car wash and waxing service help prevent significant deterioration of your paint, including various parts of your car. It is vital to take your car, as water and soap will remove the impurities away from the auto body. It can improve the condition of your car and prolong its lifespan. In addition to the car wash the exterior of your car, it is also essential to have your engine washed to remove dirt and debris from the area to keep your engine healthier in the long run.
  • It secures your safety: Your windows, tires, and mirrors should be clear of debris. A car wash will not make you worry about these parts being too dirty to drive with. It will also ensure that your rear window, windshield, side mirrors, and tires are safe and clean for travel.
  • It improves the value of your car: especially when you are planning to sell or trade your car, it is vital to do what you can to keep your car look great and clean. Car was can prevent scratches, rust, dull paint, and other issues that take away from the look of your car.

Why choose Airport Auto Sales for your car wash and waxing service in Fredericksburg, VA?

With all the benefits aforementioned, a car wash in Fredericksburg, VA may save you bucks by helping to minimize or even get rid of damage completely. With just a little effort, you might be surprised by how great your used car looks and how much pride you have with it when it is kept sparkling clean.

With 20 years of expert service, Airport Auto Sales car care experts offer car wash and waxing services. In addition to a car wash and waxing service, we also offer other services and repairs for your used car. If you have an inquiry, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with the contact information provided below. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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