Tire Rotation & Balancing in Fredericksburg, Va

Want your tire life to last longer? Want to experience a smooth ride at a faster speed? Getting your tires rotated regularly is a sure way to extend the lifespan of your tire and will help you save money. Tire manufacturers also assert that a regular tire rotation will get rid of uneven tire wear which will make them last longer and give you a smoother, safer driving experience.

But what is exactly tire rotation and balancing anyway? How does it help your tires?

Understanding wheel alignments are integral to avoid imbalanced wheels for a simple, straightforward, and hassle-free experience while driving.

Your Airport Auto Sales tire experts are experienced in rotating and balancing your tires in Fredericksburg, Va, and have created a quick guide to tire rotation & balancing basics that can help you have a smoother ride. Take a look and see how your Airport Auto Sales tire experts in Fredericksburg, Va can help with your smooth car-driving experience!

What is a tire rotation?

As you travel on the road, the tread on your tires provides a grip that helps you control your vehicle with safety and precision. Since they absorb more pressure when you turn your wheels, the tread on your front tires wears out faster than the tread on your back tires over time. A proper tire rotation is a preventive maintenance routine you can do for proper alignment to your vehicle which involves moving tires from one position to another to avoid uneven wear and tear, and misaligned tires. WIth rotation schedule, you can extend their useful life and improve your vehicle’s handling, fuel efficiency, and wheel alignment.

How often should you rotate your tires?

Ideally, you should rotate your tires every other oil change, or every 6,000 – 8000 miles, whichever comes first. It is ideal to regularly visit your Airport Auto Sales tire expert for a regular rotation to determine tire imbalances, tire alignment, and other alignment issues.

What is Tire Balancing?

While in the middle of the road, you may experience hassle due to your mis-aligned wheel or rough roads. Wheel balancing can be thrown off by road bumps, road vibrations, potholes, imbalanced tires, tire wear, and other factors. Tire balancing is the method of removing uneven points from your tires in order to have a smooth and comfortable ride. Moreover, proper tire balancing helps to distribute the weight of a vehicle more evenly and assists the driver in improving the vehicle’s overall handling and ride quality. Regular tire maintenance helps keep tires from wearing unevenly and improves fuel efficiency and performance. It also corrects tire weights and gets rid of excessive tire wear in the long run.

When Should You Have Your Tires Balanced?

If your vehicle or steering wheel shakes and vibrates as you drive, it may be time for tire balancing. At higher speeds, these signs are amplified. You should only get your tires balanced as needed, so tire balancing is not a routine service. Or if you have rare or specialized rims, you might want to consider tire balancing on a regular basis. Tire balancing will protect your rims by preserving vehicle stability on the road and evenly covering your rims. If you’re not sure if you need tire balancing, talk to your Airport Auto Sales tire expert, and they can give you the best proper advice.

How can Airport Auto Sales in Fredericksburg, Va Sales help?

Airport Auto Sales are not your ordinary pre-owned car dealership! We are a family-owned business that has provided over 8000 vehicles to the local community! With over 20 years of experience, our tire expert can rotate and balance your tires in Fredericksburg, Va easily and professionally. Our service technicians use cutting-edge special machine and spin-balancing equipment to ensure the best quality and most reliable operation. If you are in Fredericksburg, Va, and have any questions about tire rotation and balance, or any other tire services, please contact us or stop by your nearest location; we’ll be happy to assist and help you for an improved ride quality!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If My Tires Need to Be Balanced?

Tire balancing is a tune-up for your wheel-tire set. It makes sure that weights are evenly distributed around the entire circumferences of the units. Common symptoms of out-of-balance tires are uneven tread wear, poor fuel efficiency, and vibration in the seat, steering wheel, or floorboard that get worse at faster speeds. If all areas of the wheel-tire unit are as equal in weights as possible, the tire rolls smoothly.

This helps it wear evenly, for the longest life and contributes to ride comfort: imbalanced tires will wobble, or hop up and down causing vibration. If a front tire is not properly balanced you’ll likely experience vibration in the steering wheel; if the problem is in the back the tremor will be felt in the seat or floorboard. Imbalanced wheels are easy to correct, but the work is very precise. Small weights are attached to the wheel, just fractions of an ounce.

How Do Wheels Get Out of Balance?

Tire pressure should be checked regularly. A tire that is too low or high in pressure may lead to vibrations while driving. Manufacturing defects such as uneven weight distribution or manufacturing errors could also cause this problem.

Why should you get your tires rotated?

Your tires unevenly wear in different places according to their location depending on where the engine is in your vehicle. You can help the tires wear in different spots by changing the position of the individual tires.

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