Transmission System Flush & Service in Fredericksburg, VA.

Regardless of the model of your used car, transmission fluid is a vital component as it helps lubricate or cool the moving part of the transmission system. Without it, these parts would start to suffer like overheating easily, which can cause a complete transmission failure and a heavy burden on your repairment bill in the process.

Hence, it is imperative to ensure that the clarity and condition of your transmission fluid are monitored regularly. You can also prevent the significant buildup of grime and other contaminants by periodically carrying out a transmission flush or a transmission fluid change and keep it in perfect harmony and working order.

In this content, Airport Auto Sales—Dealers of Used Cars in Fredericksburg, VA will take a look at the difference between a transmission flush and transmission fluid change, how often you need to carry out these maintenance tasks for your used cars, and the importance of transmission flush or service.

What is transmission flushing?

When a transmission fluid change will only replace some existing fluid for a clean fluid, a transmission fluid flush can replace it with new by completely removing all old fluids. During the transmission flushing procedure, all existing fluid is being pumped out in the transmission system. When it is now drained completely, brand-new transmission fluid will now be added, which results in your transmission running more smoothly and efficiently.

What is transmission service (also known as fluid change)?

A transmission service or fluid change, as the name suggests, is a way in which there is a change in a large amount of transmission fluid in one go. During the transmission service procedure, the fluid is drained from the transmission system and a new transmission filter is fitted. A transmission change will remove a big percentage of the buildup within your system; however, it will not replace the old fluid for a new fluid completely.

The color of the transmission fluid can suggest a lot about the condition of your transmission system and whether it needs immediate change. New transmission fluid is a vibrant red, and due to system heating and foreign particles that can make their way through the transmission system, the fluid will slowly start to change its color. If the color of the transmission fluid is almost dark-colored or brown, necessary change is necessary. It is noteworthy to check your owner’s manual to find out how to check the transmission fluid on your used car.

Your transmission will run better as a result; however, it is noteworthy that some buildup will still be present in your used car’s system. Hence, you will need to keep on monitoring the condition and color of your transmission. You may also opt to consider adding transmission fluid additives to help prevent and fix leaks by softening and swelling worn seals and improving heat resistance and frictional properties.

What is the difference between transmission flushing and service?

The transmission should deliver enough power to your wheels to ensure they drive at certain speeds. Transmission repairs are more expensive and time-consuming for your used cars. However, you can sometimes try to prevent paying for expensive repairs by performing simple maintenance. Similar to your engine that needs oil as a lubricant, your transmission is significantly dependent on transmission fluid for cooling and lubricating the necessary parts. The maintenance that is necessary for your transmission includes both fluid changes and transmission flushes.

As a car owner, it is imperative to know that a transmission flush is not the same as a transmission service. Albeit transmission flushes can be a great help in preventing issues on transmissions done the line, you have to know that this is not the guarantee of a fix or repair. After a transmission flush, the transmission can still fail to operate, and this is not due to the flush, but because the transmission was already at the brink of failing.

Moreover, during a transmission service, approximately 40 to 45% of the transmission fluid is changed. On the other hand, transmissions flush changes closer to 100%. The second difference is a “pan drop service: that allows a tech to see any debris that may wear off the internal parts of the transmission. With the transmission flush procedure, the pan is not removed as the fluid is flushed by disconnecting the transmission’s cooling lines at the radiator. Lastly, the transmission flush does not allow for the filter to be replaced.

These are some differences between transmission system flush and service. Learn more when you consult our expert team in Airport Auto Sales—dealers of Used Cars in Fredericksburg, VA.

Should you get your transmission flushed or service?

 Getting a transmission flushing or service is vital to ensure that the entire system continues to offer optimum performance and a smooth-sailing driving experience. Keeping your transmission in perfect working order will make you get rid of being stranded in the middle of your travels. It will also avoid expensive repairs due to carelessness.

A transmission fluid change will help you restore the system of your used car to a smooth-sailing order and is a cheaper option. Moreover, it is a relatively simpler task that can be done by you as a used car owner.

On the other hand, a transmission fluid flush is more expensive than the former, but it will replace all the fluids entirely and any contaminants that have buildup in the system.

When do you need your transmission flushed or serviced?

Airport Auto Sales—Dealers of Used Cars in Fredericksburg, VA recommend a transmission fluid service every 30,000-mile travel. On the other hand, it is recommended that you undergo a complete transmission flush in every 6000-mile drive. However, this may vary depending on the used car you drive, where you drive, and how you drive.

Why choose Airport Auto Sales for your transmission system flushing and service in Fredericksburg, VA?

Flushing your transmission fluid won’t fix existing problems underlying your transmission. If you notice some symptoms like grinding noises, your transmission may already be damaged, and while flashing the fluid might significantly delay transmission failure, it won’t prevent it.

With over 20 years of experience providing reliable auto repairs and service, Airport Auto Sales—Leading Dealers of Used Cars in Fredericksburg, VA can give you the service that you are looking for. Do not hesitate to reach out to our expert team if you have problems or concerns with your transmission system flush, service, or any other automotive service or maintenance needs in Fredericksburg, VA. You can also quickly and easily schedule an appointment with us, and we will plan to see you at your most convenient time. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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