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Will Used Car Prices Go Down in 2023?
Will Used Car Prices Go Down in 2023?The price of used cars has been rising strongly since the middle of 2021. It could be said that the rise in prices presents an increasingly vertical line that seems unstoppable. But, at some point you will have to stop. Will car prices go down in 2023?Used car experts and specialists have many opinions on this, but nothing is too clear.  What happened during the pandemic in the automotive sector?  To find out if car prices will go down, you have to go back to the beginning of the pandemic, the coronavirus, confinement, fear, insecurity, the news.And it is that, during the pandemic almost everything was closed. And even those businesses and companies that did not close were forced to lay off workers, reduce the hours of the workday and, in addition, in some sectors they lost customers.The first actions: fewer workers and reduced hours caused failures in the logistics chain of the automotive sector, which on average produced almost 9% fewer new cars.And second, they had fewer customers. The reason is that in tim [...]
Good Mileage for a Used CarWhat is a good mileage for a used car? is the question we all ask ourselves before buying a used car. And it is that, the mileage is one of the factors that best define the state in which a car is. Or not?The truth is that it is not entirely true. It is not that the odometer must be a lower or higher number, but that you have to understand this data in proportion and relationship to others. Therefore, it is not an easy task to choose between the different used or second-hand cars. Here are some tips to know how to read the mileage correctly, and also to know other factors that can help you decide when you are not clear at all.  What is car mileage and why is it important?  First of all, what is the mileage of a car? The mileage of a car is a number that determines the number of miles that a car has traveled so far. Of course, i [...]

You might have heard the urban legend that red-colored cars get pulled over because their flashy colors stand out on the road more than any other color vehicles for years. You might even know a few friends and acquaintances who drive cars in the color red and blame its color for their frequent speeding tickets. But is it true? Is there any proof behind these stories? Or are they just mere myths over the years?

Take a look at your car and how you drive. Ask yourself: Does your car seem like the type of vehicle that is easily pulled over? Is the car type a sports car or an SUV? Is the color striking enough to get easily pulled over? You would have thought that the aforementioned questions necessarily matter when it comes to getting pulled over. Color is just one factor, other factors might surprise you.

In this article, you will find out if a particular car color is most likely pulled over more in Fredericksburg, VA, or if it is nothing more than just a myth.


Car colors that cause police to pull their drivers over


Does hav [...]

Are you currently in trouble securing a loan to purchase a car? Worry no more because the Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH) dealership gets you covered! They offer in-house financing and primarily target borrowers which possess bad and no credit history. While Buy Here Pay Here is worth considering when your credit is not in good shape, there are also pinpoints that you need to consider.

This article will give you some information on how Buy Here Pay Here works, including the advantages and drawbacks of buying a used car in this type of dealership.


The entire mechanism of buy here pay here or BHPH


Before you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of Buy Here Pay Here, it is essential to know its nature in the first place. When you sign a contract to purchase a vehicle in a traditional car dealership, your contract will pass through an auto lender. The auto lender will provide the loan for your car purchase. On the other hand, the dealer sells and finances your car on its lot under Buy Here Pay Here.

Buy h [...]

Your used car is an extension of your home, but how often do you take good care of it the same way as your house? Keep your used car in good condition with these simple-but genius hacks that will make life on the road a little easy, and a lot more comfortable.

Upgrade the interior lighting. Most used cars still have incandescent bulbs that produce a dim yellow light throughout the interior. When touched, they are frequently hot. Moreover, incandescent lights use a lot of power but simply do not produce much light.Switch the interior lights of your used car to high-quality LED bulbs. It is a simple tip that makes a tremendous difference and benefits the overall light output of your used car. The pure white light it emits is striking and makes the interior of your used car more modern. Use citrus-based products in removing hard water spots. Sometimes, removing hard water spots from the paint of the used car can be a daunting task. It is the worst part about washing your car. Using citrus-based hard water spot removers is an ideal option to remove [...]
Airport Auto Sales - 7 Tips When Buying a Used Car

Airport Auto Sales - 7 Tips When Buying a Used Car

Purchasing a used car can be a daunting task. It is sometimes a gamble when buying a used car as there are many factors that you need to consider. However, it can be an ideal option when looking for a quality used car without having the burden of thinking about the price tag. This article narrowed down seven tips when purchasing a used car which will also serve as your guide in getting the best deal that you could have.  1.- Set realistic expectations.  Perhaps the most important tip that you need to consider when buying a used car is managing your expectations. You are about to buy a used car, and it will not be a brand new car and such; hence, expect that it will already come with some flaws and imperfections. Expect that you will also [...]
Airport Auto Sales - How to Get a Used Car Loan Without Credit History

Airport Auto Sales - How to Get a Used Car Loan Without Credit History

Owning a car–or even a used car–can be pretty expensive. Worse, not everyone has the money to buy one even if you urgently need it. Some car buyers opt to get a used car loan from the “Buy Here Pay Here” program as an option to have one; however, you first need to have a credit history.However, when you do not have a significant credit history or any credit history at all, a lender’s approval can be daunting and make it hard to secure a used car loan. So, are there alternative options to secure a used car loan without a credit history? This article will get you covered with all possible options to get a used car loan without a credit history.  Look past traditional banks  When you do not have a credit history and want to secure a used car loan, it might be rather difficult, particularly when no one knows yo [...]
Airport Auto Sales - Top reasons why a used car should be your first car

Airport Auto Sales - Top reasons why a used car should be your first car

Buying your first car is both exciting and scary. It is exciting to think that having a car offers you and the people important to you ease of travel, and for some, a car acts as a status symbol for success, or for some, a car acts as an important milestone in their lives. Congratulations, you are one of those people. Nonetheless, as exciting as it may sound, purchasing your first car is a monumental decision that requires careful consideration. This article wishes to provide you with reasons why a used car should be your first car.  Used cars are considerably cheaper  Arguably, the main and best advantage of used cars compared to brand-new cars is that used cars are way cheaper. When your budget is something that is taken into consideration when picking your first car, preferring used cars is something we can think of. Thanks to depreciation, used [...]
Airport Auto Sales - As some people say, cars are an extension of their homes. Though the law begs otherwise, many people consider their cars

Airport Auto Sales - As some people say, cars are an extension of their homes. Though the law begs otherwise, many people consider their cars

As some people say, cars are an extension of their homes. Though the law begs otherwise, many people consider their cars an area of importance as not only do these vehicles bring them to work and back home, but it also eases their travel. Every car owner's dream is to take good care of their car and make it look as good as when they first bought it. When you are passing through the busy highway or walking in the parking lot, you may notice that cars are colored monochromatically. Gray, silver, white, and black somehow have become the norm when choosing the appropriate color for cars.According to a survey Greyscale or achromatic colors, such as white, black, and gray, are used on the majority of stock cars. In fact, greyscale hues are used on 70% of autos around the world. Along with this, a study suggest [...]
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