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Many people often forget to clean up the interior of their used car as frequently as they wash its exterior. While it is true that the interior is not exposed like that of the exterior, the dashboard is arguably the first part of your interior that you and your passenger will notice. It is where the eyes are drawn upon when you go inside the car. It is awful when you see mess and buttons where dirt and dust are accumulated.

When the trash begins to be accumulated in your dashboards, and your console is getting sticky, it’s about time to clean the used cars’ interior—clear out, vacuum, and wiped down every corner, leaving it with no streaky residue. Airport Auto Sales Used Car Dealership in Fairfax, Virginia provides you a simple process on how to clean your car dashboard to achieve the desired overall appearance of your interior.

Vacuum the surface using a vacuum cleaner

Changing the engine oil regularly is one of the fundamental automotive maintenance activities to maintain the power and efficiency of your used car. Your used car consists of many metal parts that constantly move whenever your engine is running. Mostly, these metal parts rub against each other; hence, that requires sufficient lubrication to keep the parts from heating excessively and make sure everything works smoothly.

This is the reason why it is important to change engine oil. Instead of bringing your car to a used car dealership, you can change the engine oil of your used car yourself. Airport Auto Sales Used Car Dealership in Fairfax, Virginia provides you a step-by-step process on how to change engine oil.

Step 1: Check the type and amount of engine oil needed. You need to get the engine oil you need. Before you go to the auto parts store to buy the necessary supplies, consult the owner’s manual of yo [...]

Engine oils are created to function for specific operating conditions. The base oils and additives usually used in the engine are mixed up to provide the preferred lubricant performance in an appropriate environment that can give you benefits such as smoother running performance, longevity on the engine, and better return on your investments.

The main function of engine oil in a used car is to protect your engine against wear. It potentially reduces the friction between parts. Other functions include protecting your car against rust and corrosion, cooling lubricated surfaces, preventing deposit formation, removing contaminants, and neutralizing acidic degradation. Hence, engine oils are integral for the smooth performance of your used car. However, some engine oils are better than others. Airport Auto Sales Used Car Dealership in Fairfax, Virginia provided you key differences in these types of engine oil.

Unde [...]

When your car heater isn’t working properly in the middle of winter, it could make your daily commute cold and miserable. It also prevents your defroster from blowing warm air to your windshield to eliminate condensation, fog, and ice, which can cause some unforeseen hazards while driving. Hence, having no fully-functional heater can be a potential safety hazard, and you don’t want to end up being stranded in freezing temperatures. So, why your car heater is not working properly? Airport Auto Sales Used Car Dealership in Fairfax, Virginia provides some underlying reasons to look at to make your car heater work properly.

Cooling system: Bear in mind that the cooling system in your vehicle works as a small radiator. Once your car’s engine reached the right temperature, with the aid of the thermostat, it heats the coolant and water mix. That mixture passes to the heating core using valves and hoses in your car. The fan blows the heat away from the core and then distribu [...]

Headlights are considered an important component in your car. Unfortunately, as your car aged through time, it turns out foggy, oxidized, and faded. When it is not restored immediately, you may pose road hazards. With less light that gets through to illuminate the road, you may struggle to see the distance correctly. Luckily, Airport Auto Sales Used Car Dealership in Fairfax, Virginia has some effective tips for you to clear and restore your foggy headlight with the aid of some tools that often be seen in your home.

With the aid of toothpaste

Toothpaste is a good cleaner not just to make your teeth whiter but also be used as an alternative to making your car headlights look like new again. Abrasive white toothpaste will do the trick in this procedure (not a gel). If your fluoride toothpaste is not abrasive, you can mix it with baking soda to the toothpaste to have some gritty texture, then get a bottle full of tap wa [...]

Winter is said to be detrimental for most cars due to freezing temperatures. As the winter is just around the corner, you need to condition your car in advance by making necessary maintenance, preparation, and tools that save your car from harsh conditions. Airport Auto Sales—Used Car Dealership in Fairfax, Virginia suggests ways on how to prepare your car for the upcoming winter season.

Get your car up for regular maintenance

Winter can cause extreme trouble in a variety of ways, especially when you missed some regular maintenance beforehand. Hence, it is essential to get your car up for maintenance by changing, checking, and/or topping of your oil, coolant, and brake and transmission fluid as needed.  Make sure to get a high-quality filter for your oil or automatic transmission. Maybe it is too stressful to take care of all your fluids at once, but it is worth t in the lon [...]

Used car owners often think that if their car doesn’t start, it has something to do with their used car’s battery. If your used car won’t start, there is a chance you may need to perform a car starter replacement. Airport Auto Sales Used Car Dealership in Fairfax, Virginia can make you find out what might be wrong with your car starter and how to perform a car starter installation through this blog. Be aware that the car starter is the one who receives the charge from your used car’s battery. The battery sends some charge to the starter that sends it to the alternator that enables your used car to start. If you encounter having trouble starting up your used car, used car dealerships advise you to check the voltage of your battery.

You can buy a new starter, but it is expensive. You can also have an option to rebuild your starter, which makes it as good as a new one. If you see that the problem lies in the starter, Airport Auto Sales Used car Dealer [...]

Used Car Dealerships in Fairfax agree that knowing how to change a tire is a necessary skill that every used car drivers should possess. Having a flat tire can happen anywhere, especially while you are in the middle of your trip. You can feel helpless when you have a flat tire and not knowing how to change it. Thankfully, changing a car tire is not all that hard. With the aid of some simple tools that you can carry with you with your used car, you can change your flat tire yourself. Changing a car tire with no air is easy enough to do and everyone has an idea of what is involved. But if you are clueless on how to do it, Airport Auto Sales Used Car Dealership in Fairfax, Virginia can provide you step-by-step procedures on how to replace tires of your used car through this blog.

What are the items you will need to fix a flat tire?

Most used car dealerships advise drivers to have with them some importa [...]

While on travel, seat belts and car seats are essential to keeping children safe inside your used car. But how about when your car is parked? There are many things that you need to consider guaranteeing your kid’s safety in your vehicle, whether it is in your driveway or the parking lot. You might have probably done some child-proofing around your house; it is essential to do the same thing inside your used car too! Airport Auto Sales Used Car Dealership in Fairfax, Virginia provides you simple ways on how to child-proof inside your vehicle.

Never leave your keys inside your car

Children are observant. It is not surprising that they can figure out how to start the car, disengage the brakes of your used car, and put your used car into your gear out of curiosity. You can also imagine what disaster could lead just by leaving your keys inside your car while your child is around. Airport Auto Sales Used [...]

As a driver, it is essential to be aware of the location of these blind spots on your used car as well as other driver’s vehicle. By just knowing where they are located will help protect you and those around you from easily-avoidable and unforeseen accidents. Do you know where your blind spots are located? Could you point the blind spot of other’s vehicle? Used car dealerships say that just relying on your peripheral vision is not good enough. You will experience a large number of circumstances every time you drive where you need to know this information. If you do not know about bind spot monitoring when you are changing lanes, Airport Auto Sales Used Car Dealership in Fairfax, Virginia will make you posted!

What are the blind spots?

The blind spots are areas to the sides of your used car that are hardly seen in your rear mirror or even in your side mirrors. To make sure these blind spots are vivid [...]

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