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3 Common Myths About BHPH Dealerships in Fredericksburg


Buy Here Pay Here or BHPH dealerships offer a great option to people who have bad credit and cannot apply for a regular car loan. The Buy Here Pay Here in Fredericksburg, VA, has a plethora of options when it comes to cars and also process the loans without caring too much about your credit score. However, people are always suspicious when it comes to BHP. There are some of the common myths about BHPH dealerships.

Let’s check out the myths one by one!

#1 Their interest rates go beyond 30% or more

While it is true that many BHPH dealerships charge high-interest rates and they might go up to 30% or more, you can always find cheaper ones. You can try to get in touch with a used car dealership in Fredericksburg, VA, to get good interest rate options. Airport Auto Sales offers friendly terms and interest rates to its customers.

#2 They have no government regulation

This is an absolute myth because a BHPH is as regulated like any other business. There is no exception made to them. They need to work under strict laws, too, so you don’t have to worry too much when you go to a used car dealership in Fredericksburg, VA.

#3 You need to seize the deal immediately

While it is true that there are not too many options when it comes to a Buy Here Pay Here in Fredericksburg, VA but that does not mean you need to buy the first car that you see. You can always explore and think about your choices before making the final deal.

To sum up, you indeed need to pay higher interests with BHPH, but you can always work your way around and find the best deal for yourself. Airport Auto Sales offer friendly BHPH services so you can check them out for incredible offers!

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