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Best Used Cars in Stafford, Va for Towing

Tips for buying a used car in Stafford - Airport Car Dealership Virginia

Best Used Cars in Stafford, Va for Towing

Best Used Cars in Stafford, Va for Towing

It’s the elusive and rare breed of our Buy Here Pay Here lot at Airport Auto Sales. The kind of vehicle that is typically sold the first day it’s parked on the lot. Our best in class towing vehicles are some of our best sellers and when looking at their specs, it’s not hard to see why. Who doesn’t want a vehicle that can pull its own weight? Literally. These trucks and SUVs are incredibly popular among used cars in Stafford, Va because of their ability to quickly go from a daily commuting vehicle to the family road trip hauler. These SUVs and trucks are durable and aren’t afraid of getting a little dirty. But what makes a good towing vehicle and how do you decide which one is best? The best way to start shopping among used cars in Stafford, Va or on our Buy Here Pay Here lot is to first know what you are needing to tow. It may seem backwards, but knowing the weight, width, and stability of what you are needing to haul can make an enormous difference. Our list of favorite towing vehicles are best suited for trailers from 500 pound jet ski and boat trailers (empty weight) to heavier camper trailers that can reach up to 6,400 pounds.

When looking at perspective purchasing of towing vehicles, there are a few key aspects that should be paid attention to:

  • Towing Capacity: make sure that your trailer weight will not exceed or come close to the vehicle’s towing capacity. The more capacity remaining; the more control over the haul.
  • Curb Weight: the weight of the vehicle empty of passengers but with a full fuel tank. Typically, the heavier the vehicle the more handling you will have when hauling.
  • Wheelebase: the distance between the front and rear axles. A longer wheelbase will distribute the weight more evenly, putting less pressure on the rear axle which can cause the front to want to lift.
  • Drive System: Rear or four wheel drive is best because it will disperse more power to the rear (where most of the weight is) so that you do not lose rear control.
  • Chassis: “Body on frame” chassis typically on trucks and larger SUVs are stronger than “unibody” frames found on many crossovers.
  • Towing Package/ Brakes: towing packages offer improvements to suspension, brakes, bigger radiator, and transmission. Trailer brakes are imperative for larger hauls so that the vehicle is solely not responsible for stopping both itself and the trailer in emergency situations.

Once you have an idea of what you will be hauling you can start shopping for your new car! If you are looking to use your new car for taking the jet skis to the lake or just need a light U-Haul from time to time, we suggest the Chrysler Pacifica or Honda Pilot. The Pacifica is perfect for a driver who isn’t ready to convert to the full “yee-haw” of owning an SUV or truck yet but still needs to tow a light haul from time to time.The Pacifica offers a luxury-like and spacious interior while producing a towing capacity up to 3500 pounds. For a few jet skis or even a boat, the Honda Pilot also proves as a viable option as it is still small enough to maneuver in town comfortably but can tow up to a surprising 4500 pounds with its V6 engine. Both the Pacifica and Pilot can be great options for the infrequent hauler who doesn’t want to drive a large truck and use tons of fuel.

For larger boats or small to medium sized camping trailers, we suggest our Toyota 4Runner, Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Tahoe, and GMC Yukon. All four SUVs come with a third seat option which makes bringing the family easy. The Toyota 4Runner is offered with various V6 and V8 options. While we suggest the V8 as the far superior engine for this vehicle producing up to 7300 pounds of towing capacity, the V6 option produces a notable 5000 pounds of towing capacity making the V6 4Runner an admirable competitor while remaining fuel efficient. The Ford Expedition is competitive with a 8500 pound towing capacity to the Tahoe and Yukon which can produce an 8200 pound towing capacity with a 4×4 drive system and a 8500 pound towing capacity if you can live without going off road.  Their extended versions are the true kings of the SUV haulers with the Suburban and Yukon XL capable of towing up to 9600 pounds. The extended cabs also mean for more passenger (seating up to nine) and cargo space.

Our two best towing vehicles on our Buy Here Pay Here lot are our Ford Excursion and GMC Sierra. While being well remembered for burning large amounts of fuel, the Ford Excursion was able to trade an enormous towing capacity in return. Offered with a 5.4 L V8, a 6.8 L V10 or a turbo diesel V8, the Excursion can generate up to an astounding 11,000 pounds of towing capacity. The more fuel-friendly GMC Sierra is the king among half ton trucks for towing capacity. The Sierra Denali received a 9,990 pound rating making it the best half ton towing truck. Only the heavy duty class trucks can exceed its capabilities.

While there are many vehicles among the used cars in Stafford, Va that look capable of towing; remember to review the vehicle’s specifications and know what your towing weight will be. At the end of the day, buying “too much truck” is rarely a problem. Always overestimate what your towing weight will be and you will be safe for many trips to come.

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