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Finding Utility and Style for the Family Among Used Cars in Stafford, Va

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Finding Utility and Style for the Family Among Used Cars in Stafford, Va

Finding Utility and Style for the Family Among Used Cars in Stafford, Va

When looking for a vehicle for the family it can sometimes feel like you have to trade in luxury and style for utility. However; there are cars available among the used cars in Stafford, Va and our Buy Here Pay Here lot that like to take you and your kids down the road in style. Our list of favorite family vehicles were all chosen for their reputation for reliability, high safety ratings, utility, and style.

My father always said he wouldn’t be caught dead in a minivan until a rental company mixed up on a business trip and gave him a Honda Odyssey. Five full-grown men who all used to be farmers and can run a combine the size of a space shuttle down a row of corn, flip a cow on to the ground with one hand, and all devoutly drive domestic trucks climbed out of that minivan at the end of their trip and requested it when they were due to return in four weeks. The Odyssey was incredibly easy for five large men to get in and out of because of the sliding side doors. The sliding doors and lower floor mean that small children can typically get in and out by themselves and there is no risk of them hitting the door against an adjacently parked car. With more standard features than other minivans among used cars in Stafford, VA the Odyssey feels more luxury than its competitors. The Odyssey seats up to eight passengers with a third row a six foot tall passenger can be comfortable in. A 38 cubic inch cargo space is large enough for cases of beer or soccer equipment. The Odyssey is most known for its versatility and dependability because of its ability to fold or remove all rear seats and high crash safety ratings.

One of our favorite family sedans on our Buy Here Pay Here lot at Airport Auto Sales is the Nissan Maxima. The Maxima is also our most stylish option. With a sporty coup look and an enthusiastic V6 engine you can be the parent with the “cool car”. The car comes with four doors and a spacious interior big enough for a car seat and two passengers in the rear. The best feature of this vehicle is its sports car handling and acceleration. The Maxima drives smooth but direct and has minimal lurching when accelerating. The V6 produces an explosive 255 horsepower that feels much more powerful than it really is (making it a great car to quickly drive Johnny to school when he missed the bus).

Another favorite family sedan on our Buy Here Pay Here lot is the Toyota Camry. Being one of the larger sedan models on the lot, the Camry continues to offer families a spacious and comfortable ride without having to get into a much larger SUV or minivan. The best feature of the Camry is its resale value. Because these vehicles are known to drive well into the 200,000 mile range without serious mechanical maintenance, buyers usually get a larger portion of their purchase price back than with other used cars in Stafford, Va when they resell. This aspect makes this vehicle perfect for families that are just starting out. Once the kids get a little bigger or there are more siblings to seat, the Camry can be traded in for a larger family van or SUV for a great trade in value.

If your family needs as many seats as possible but you don’t want to commit to the minivan life we suggest the Honda Pilot on our Buy Here Pay Here lot. The Pilot can seat up to 8 passengers. The third row can be a tighter fit for larger adults but is perfect for two smaller children to climb back into. The Pilot offers more passenger and cargo space than other competitors in its class. The standard V6 produces 244 horsepower and 240 pound-feet of torque and has a towing capacity of 4500 pounds.For parents that need the space and utility of a minivan but aren’t convinced that they can be cool, the Honda Pilot is a great option.

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