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Fuel Economy – Fiction & Fact in Stafford


Thanks to the ever-increasing prices of gasoline, it is absolutely no wonder that car owners seek to make the best of every single gallon of fuel they buy. However, when it comes to the fuel economy, there are a lot of myths circulating the air. Here are some fuel economy facts and fiction to help you learn the truth!


One of the biggest myths on this topic is that some plug-in devices can help you boost your vehicle’s mileage, thus improving fuel economy. These devices apparently use magnets to enhance combustion efficiency when you plug them in the cigarette lighter. However, they do not work! Studies show that they do nothing to improve the fuel economy and even worsen it in some cases.

It is also sometimes believed that higher octane gasoline actually improves fuel efficiency. However, the octane levels at fuel stations, i.e., Regular, Plus, and Premium, have nothing to do with fuel efficiency.


Some important facts to remember to ensure fuel efficiency are as follows:

  • You must adequately balance and align your wheels.
  • Hypermiling has strong science behind it, and it can go a long way to enhancing fuel economy.
  • Any excess weight in your vehicle can significantly lower your fuel economy. So, it is better to leave out any extra things that you do not need.
  • If you blast the air conditioner all the time, it can affect fuel efficiency.
  • Idling is also bad for fuel economy. Turn off the engine if you plan to stop for over a minute.


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