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How to tell if there is a problem with your steering system?

Airport Auto Sales - How to tell if there is a problem with your steering system?

Driving a vehicle with steering problems can be very dangerous for the driver, passengers, and other road users. Drivers are supposed to be able to maneuver the steering wheel easily, but the steering system can be much more complicated. The loss of steering control of the vehicle can cause dangerous accidents, resulting in property damage, serious injuries, and even death.

That makes the steering system one of the more important components in your car. Also, the steering wheel is the part of the car that you’ll be handling quite often, which also means that any minor changes in the way it feels are likely to be noticeable. Some may choose to ignore these changes, but they may actually be signs of trouble. And catching them early enough will save you a great deal of stress and your life.

The good news is as opposed to some mechanical problems, steering problems usually make themselves known as soon as they arise, and the signs remain until the problem is corrected or the system fails.

Your steering system could be malfunctioning if it feels jerky, hard to turn, or sticks while you are driving. In this post, we’ll discuss the most common steering system issues and how to identify them. So let’s steer you in the right direction to find out if there is a problem with your steering system and why it is happening.


Vibrations in the steering wheel


When your steering wheel vibrates while driving, it could mean that your tires or suspension are seriously damaged. A misaligned belt is often the cause of this vibration. This could also mean that contaminants have built up inside the system, causing the wheel to pulsate.

This problem is usually fixed by performing a power steering flush. But if your wheel vibrates while it is idling, you might need to replace your drive belt.


Unusual noises when steering


An audible steering column is another sign of steering problems. A faulty steering belt, internal gears or low levels of steering fluid could be causing sounds coming from the steering wheel. Replace the belt immediately if it is a belt issue.

Have you noticed a whine or slow response when turning your vehicle? It is likely that the pump is about to fail. A failure of power steering can occur when this happens, which is caused by improper fluid distribution.

Additionally, if you notice that your car clunks when turning the wheel, you might need to have your CV joints replaced.


The steering wheel is loose


The steering wheel tilt function allows you to position your steering wheel in a comfortable and efficient position. The steering wheel can be locked at a particular height and angle through this function.

You might have a critical issue with the steering column or gear if the wheel feels loose while driving. When you finish any turn, a well-functioning wheel should automatically return to the middle. If this is not the case, take your vehicle to one of our car care experts  immediately.


Having difficulty turning the steering wheel


To turn easily, the rack and pinion steering system depends on hydraulic pressure. The rack is likely to heat up or lose hydraulic pressure when the steering wheel feels tighter than usual. In either case, this can be a dangerous situation and may cause a vehicle accident if it is unexpected.

Most of the time, this problem is caused by low steering fluid. Check to see if there is a leak or if the fluid escaped through the hose. In addition, wheels that have difficulty turning may be out of alignment.


Steering fluid is leaking


Usually, leaking power steering fluid indicates a broken gasket, loose-fitting or other mechanical problem that requires immediate attention. If this issue is not addressed, the steering rack may develop excessive heat and other components, such as gears, may break.

It is common to see leaking fluid at the back of your car in a red or pink color. The car may also make a grinding noise when you turn it, which could indicate a leak. It indicates that the level of power steering fluid is below the required level.


Discoloration of steering fluid


It is extremely important to check the power steering pump if the fluid appears foamy or discolored. This issue may also arise when air or water enters the system and interferes with the normal performance of the steering fluid.

Check the fluid regularly to make sure it has a red appearance and a burning smell. Consider replacing it as soon as possible if it has a dark color and no smell.




When you see any of the warning signs above while driving, stop slowly or pull over to check for damage. You should keep other motorists alert if you’re in traffic by putting your emergency lights on and honking periodically.

You may be able to temporarily fix most of these steering system problems by turning your vehicle on and off. In the event that this doesn’t work, the best option is to call roadside assistance and visit us for a checkup to avoid damaging other parts of your car and remember never to compromise your safety and the people around you.


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