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When Should Your Car’s Air Conditioning Be Serviced

Airport Auto Sales - When should your car’s air conditioning be serviced

Your vehicle’s air conditioning is one of those things you don’t realize how important it is until it is too late. When the air conditioner stops working you begin to realize how delightful it is to be able to have cold air on demand, especially in the hot summer heat. Furthermore, by the time it stops working they will cost you more money and take longer to fix than if you had it serviced earlier on. So making sure your air conditioner is regularly serviced when necessary is one of the key to making sure you can enjoy cold air anytime inside your car.


How to tell if your car’s air conditioning needs to undergo maintenance 


  1. Visible fluid or refrigerant leak 

The air conditioner compressor in your vehicle is fitted with internal bearings that prevent the refrigerant from leaking. By pressurizing the refrigerant, the compressor can help cool it. As a result of the constant pressurized environment inside the compressor, the bearings wear out over time. When bearings wear or damage, refrigerant leaks. This is a more serious symptom, so if you notice that your refrigerant is leaking you should head over to your local auto repair shop and have a certified service technician check it out. 

  1. Your air conditioner is blowing hot air

When you turn on your vehicle’s air conditioner, you want cold air to come out of the vents. However, if you haven’t maintained your AC, you might be experiencing hot air instead. Hot air is a sign that the AC compressor is failing. Hot air could also indicate low refrigerant. Before the compressor completely fails, you will often see this sign. As time goes on, you will notice that the air gets warmer. 

  1. Strange noise coming from the air conditioning system 

When you turn on the air conditioner in your vehicle, you might hear some strange noises. If so, the compressor is probably to blame. When this part fails, it might begin grinding or whining when it’s activated. Bearings and other internal components go bad when these sounds are heard. If the sound stops after you turn off your air conditioning, turn it back on again to see if it resumes. Your AC is malfunctioning if this is the case. 


How Much Should An Air-Conditioning Service Cost? 


Car air conditioning service by a certified Airport auto sales car care expert can cost only $149 and typically takes around 45 minutes. However, as with most things to do with cars the price can vary depending on different factors or if the air-conditioning systems have damage and some parts need to be replaced. 


Air Conditioning Service: How Often Should I Do It?


Generally, it depends on how often you use your car’s air conditioning. However, it is a good idea to have it checked once a year, preferably before the hot summer months arrive to make sure it is working when you really need it to. 


What happens when you don’t service your car’s Air conditioning? 


If you don’t regularly service your car’s air conditioning the risk of damaging it increases and may cost you more money and can take longer to fix. Furthermore, you will have difficulties dealing with the hot vehicle cabin especially in the summer months. 

Car air conditioning system is a vital part of your health and wellness, so it is important to have it regularly checked and made sure it is working well, so you can drive safely.  


Why visit Airport Auto Sales for Air Conditioning Service


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