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How to protect your car from rust in Woodbridge

Car corrosion is one of the problems faced by car owners. The most common cause of rust in cars is the accumulated moisture due to continued exposure to snow and rain. Cars can also rust due to their age or not being covered or protected adequately. If you do not own a garage, your car will be exposed to many harmful air pollutants as well as weather disturbances. Airport Auto Sales—Used Car Dealership in Woodbridge, Virginia provides you with ways to protect your car from rusting.

Technically, rust can be avoided if you are prepared to deal with it.  Cars can accumulate rust all year round, especially in the winter.

Apply ceramic coating

Putting your car some wax is one of the best ways to minimize exterior damage. However, most used car dealerships recommend ceramic coating as a more cost-efficient and powerful option to prevent your car from rusting. The liquid polymer can be applied directly to the car paint. Ceramic coating bonds with the car paint and will not break down even if is exposed o some harsh conditions.

Moreover, cars must be waxed occasionally, but with ceramic coating, you won’t need to apply it again for up to a few years. In places with milder climates, it could last even longer.

Wash your vehicle

The accumulation of too much dirt on your car can make rusts accumulate faster, which leads to corrosion.  Airport Auto Sales—Used Car Dealership in Woodbridge, Virginia recommends you wash your car at least once every other week, albeit the season is. You can also do this personally or take your vehicle through a car wash.

Get rid of salts

One of the greatest contributors to the presence of rust in your car is salt.  The car metal will corrode faster when salt is mixed with water. It is the reason why rusting in most cars is common during winter season since the roads are covered in rock salts. They may also opt to wash your car once a week during the colder months; however, it does not mean that your car is safe from rust if you live along the beach.

Use an anti-rust spray to prevent corrosion

If you notice some little rust accumulated on your car, the ideal thing to do is to take some actions to mitigate it immediately before it even spreads. If it already corrodes, you won’t have to take your car to the shop or replace the rusted parts. Usually, the signs of rust in cars can be found in areas where the paint is bubbling.

To get rid of rusts from spreading, clean the area and let it dry afterward. Once the area is free from any accumulated moisture, you can now apply the anti-rust spray. It is a good option if you cannot afford ceramic coating or regular waxing.  Once it is sprayed, it can now protect your car from corrosion year-round.

Keep drain plugs free from dirt

Drain plugs are often overlooked when taking car maintenance, but checking them can significantly help prevent your car from corrosion.  Plugs can be clogged with remnants, debris, which can allow water to accumulate. When you wash your car, it is essential to check drain plugs and clean them out when deemed necessary. You can also find water moisture under your car doors and along the trunk edges and hoods.

Keep the interior free from water moisture

When your car interior gets wet, there is a possibility that moisture will spread to the exterior. To get rid of this, wipe down any wet surfaces inside your car thoroughly using a microfiber cloth or a towel.  If you spilled any liquids inside your car, dry it up immediately. Liquids are hard to clean, especially when it is left unattended. Use a towel to get most of the moisture out, then allow the car to air dry.

Key takeaways

Car rust is hard to manage in cars; hence, it is imperative to take some necessary action to prevent your vehicles from rusting. For more tips on how to protect your car from corroding, do not hesitate to contact Airport Auto Sales—Used Car Dealerships in Woodbridge, Virginia for further details. We are looking forward to serving you pretty soon!

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