What is a Certified Used Car?

What is a Certified Used Car?

The used car market has moved with more and more dynamism in recent times. Many people choose this option to save a few dollars and access higher-end models. Faced with so much supply of used cars, some different options arise that may have some benefits, but are not necessarily more convenient. In this context, many people wonder what is a certified used car? To answer this and other doubts about the certification, be sure to read this post.


What is a certified used car? And what isn’t?


The doubt about what it means for a used car to be certified is very common among customers and users. In general terms, what it means is that it is a car with relatively little use and without any previous accidents. In the certification process, it is established that the used car is in an “almost new” condition, with no faults and with few miles traveled.

Originally, only luxury brands offered this type of certification, but today virtually any used car can be labeled this way, as long as it meets the requirements. What is important to note is that the certification arises from an internal analysis of the brand. It is the automotive company itself that evaluates whether the used car meets the requirements of little use, zero accidents and very good general condition of the vehicle. This means that there is no type of approval from any state or government entity. It is simply a measure adopted by brands to sell used cars with a certain level of prior analysis.

On the other hand, when we ask ourselves what is a certified used car, we must also ask ourselves what it is not. Certification should not be confused with warranty. While the certification is proof of the car’s past, its use and its characteristics, the guarantee is a kind of insurance for the future. The certification can only be established by the car manufacturer, while the guarantee can be provided by a dealer or by anyone who sells your used car. It is true that, in many cases, certified used cars also include a guarantee, but both terms should not be confused since they are very different things.


What is a certified used car? advantages and disadvantages


So, is it worth buying a certified used car? The answer is that everything will depend on the specific conditions of each car and each business. There are some points in favor of buying a certified car, and others not so favorable. Among the main advantages, there is the relative security that manufacturers provide by offering a review of the used car and ensuring its good general condition. Low mileage and the assurance of no accidents may well pay off when buying a certified car.

However, as we mentioned before, there is no government regulatory body that endorses these certifications. After all, what is a certified used car? It is a vehicle that the seller himself assures us that it has passed the different tests. Although it is a good sign, we cannot trust blindly, so a personal inspection of the car is still necessary to be sure of the criteria used. Many dealers, such as Airport Auto Sales, test the used cars they sell to ensure their quality, without calling them certified.

Added to this, we must emphasize again that certification is not synonymous with guarantee. Therefore, not all certified cars are guaranteed. In addition, many vehicles sold at dealerships or by other means have the same or a longer warranty period than certified ones, measured in both miles and time of use.

Finally, when we ask ourselves what is a certified used car? To choose a vehicle to buy, a more than important variable is the price. So, choosing a certified used car can be an interesting option, as long as we are not paying a premium just for having that title. It is not good to get carried away by a simple label. At Airport we offer a wide variety of used makes and models in excellent condition and at the best prices on the market.

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