Tips for buying your first used car

Airport Auto Sales - Tips for buying your first used car

A car is one of the biggest investments we will make in our lives, a lot of our hard-earned money at stake. Then there is the dizzying array of new and used cars available from used car dealers, private sellers, and auction houses that makes used car buying even more challenging. It’s going to be even more daunting if you’ve never purchased a car before. And of course we all want the best car money can buy.

So when you plan ahead, you can make the process simpler and ensure you end up with the car that is right for you. As you begin your search for your first car, it is essential to keep these things in mind.


Have a clear goal in mind why you need a car


Ask yourself, do you need a car for getting to and from work every day, or do you need it for long travels or weekend fun. Also make sure to consider the climate in where you live as well, is it hot, snowy or rainy where you are from? Consider your lifestyle and the driving conditions you encounter most frequently. Get to know different features and options, and how they may impact a car’s price.


Thoroughly investigate your options


Ensure you are well-versed in the model and price range of the used car you want to buy before contacting sellers. Ask your friends and colleagues who have purchased used cars before as they may be able to point you in the right direction. Also ask questions on car forums, especially those which focus on your target make or model. You can then find the price of your preferred model in the used car classifieds on newspapers and websites.


Research used car prices


Make a price comparison of the model you are interested in by browsing through various buy-and-sell websites or visit your friendly used car dealership. Look at the specs of the cheapest units, they might have more mileage or they might be older models.

If you are thinking about getting a used car loan. Comparing the cost of paying the full amount in cash against paying the interest will help you determine how much you will save.


Be sure to check the mileage as well


Never let the price be your sole consideration during your research. The cheapest used cars usually have higher mileage, so they aren’t always the best ones to buy. A car with a high mileage is usually older. You have to replace more parts on an older car. You should verify or ask the details on the mileage of any car you are considering buying.


Decide on a budget for the used car


In addition to the car’s purchase price, include an amount for the repair and replacement costs. At least 20% of a used car’s price should be allocated.


Be aware of your credit score


The interest rate you pay on a car loan is determined by your credit score. An improved credit score may help you get a more favorable interest rate, which will in turn affect your overall car-buying budget. Depending on your credit card provider, you may also be able to get your credit score for free.

If you have no credit history or have bad credit history, look for used car dealerships that have in house financing or buy her pay options. They will be happy to work a deal with you so you can get your first used car.


Look out for red flags when you are buying a used car


Make sure you thoroughly inspect any used car before you purchase it. Check every crevice and corner of the body. Be as meticulous as possible. You should look for red flags that indicate the car was involved in an accident or flooding.


Make sure you take a test drive


After the used car passed your visual inspection. Finally, make sure to test drive the car. Walk away if the seller won’t let you drive the car for a test. It doesn’t make sense to spend your hard-earned money on a car that will cause you problems down the road.


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