Which color will keep a used car always looking new?

Airport Auto Sales - As some people say, cars are an extension of their homes. Though the law begs otherwise, many people consider their cars

As some people say, cars are an extension of their homes. Though the law begs otherwise, many people consider their cars an area of importance as not only do these vehicles bring them to work and back home, but it also eases their travel. Every car owner’s dream is to take good care of their car and make it look as good as when they first bought it. When you are passing through the busy highway or walking in the parking lot, you may notice that cars are colored monochromatically. Gray, silver, white, and black somehow have become the norm when choosing the appropriate color for cars.

According to a survey Greyscale or achromatic colors, such as white, black, and gray, are used on the majority of stock cars. In fact, greyscale hues are used on 70% of autos around the world. Along with this, a study suggests that White is the most popular car color in the world, accounting for 23% of all vehicles, followed by black at 21% and silver at 18%. This article discusses how to make it look as good as new and how car color affects its overall appearance. Notable colors such as gray, silver, white and black tend to rank high in the scale of color to consider in making your car look as good as new and we will be discussing why.


Gray/Silver Cars


Gray and silver cars are arguably the smartest options when it comes to car cleaning and maintenance. An issue most car users tend to have trouble with is that cars tend to gather dust and mud right away. Yet, when it comes to silver and gray car colors, they tend to have what most car owners call “dirt-and-grime-hiding qualities.” These “dirt-and-grime-hiding qualities” can be due to the fact that mud and dirt tend to match these colors efficiently. However, something to consider is that they don’t necessarily repel dirt; they just hide it by matching it. This can save you a lot of trips to your local car wash. That can give you more time to spend on the things that really matter.




Another monochromatic color to consider when choosing a car that will make a used car look new is white. The majority of the complaints are directed at this hue’s strong ability to make dirt and mud visible. So why would we suggest this as an ideal color? The reason for this is that its strong mud-and dirt-revealing qualities act as a double-edged sword, making dirt and mud easy to spot while also making them easy to clean. Another benefit of cars painted white is that white can effectively hide minor scratches and dents. The idea behind this benefit is that white is a bright color. Bright colors are good at minimizing the appearance of scratches and specks of dirt. 




Black as a car paint tends to garner debate whether they make your car look old or new. As some may suggest that dark colors tend to make a car look neat and clean from afar because of its dark hue. But, The downside of this color is what happens when you come near the car. The black paint creates a reverse effect to its white counterpart. While white painted cars tend to hide minor scratches and dents black painted cars expose them. And not to mention its vulnerability to humid areas as it may garner moisture that later on can become noticeable watermarks and its overall enemy bird poop. If you are living in highly humid places or your place has trees to it Black as car paint can be your last option.

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