Good Mileage for a Used Car – Main Factors

Good Mileage for a Used Car

What is a good mileage for a used car? is the question we all ask ourselves before buying a used car. And it is that, the mileage is one of the factors that best define the state in which a car is. Or not?

The truth is that it is not entirely true. It is not that the odometer must be a lower or higher number, but that you have to understand this data in proportion and relationship to others. Therefore, it is not an easy task to choose between the different used or second-hand cars.

Here are some tips to know how to read the mileage correctly, and also to know other factors that can help you decide when you are not clear at all.


What is car mileage and why is it important?


First of all, what is the mileage of a car? The mileage of a car is a number that determines the number of miles that a car has traveled so far. Of course, it is important since probably, the more miles you have traveled, the more damaged it will be or the more likely it will be that you have found some shortcomings. That is, the mileage of a car tells you how used a car is.

Instead of understanding that a car is new or old by its year of manufacture or registration, it is understood that it is, based on the miles travelled. Since in principle for a parked car, the years do not pass if it is stored properly.

This is why good mileage on a used car is so important when buying a car. However, keep in mind that this number is in proportion to others that you should also know.


The less mileage the better?


In principle, since the number of miles indicates the distance that has driven a car and considering that the level of use could also determine the number of problems with a car… yes, the less mileage the better.

But this is only a priori and at the probability level since… there are drivers and owners who can misuse the car in a few miles and others who will take care of all the parts exceptionally despite having used the car repeatedly and for very long trips.

Therefore, the state of a car, its engine, the body, etc., can give you more and better clues, since the mileage only gives us a probability, but not a exact answer.


Look at the year of registration to understand the good mileage of a used car


On the other hand, a vehicle that has traveled 60,000 miles since 2020 is not the same, than another who has traveled since 2016, 62,000 miles.

That is, although a priori we might think that the one with the least mileage is the first, the second has had much less use, since in four more years, the amount of mileage it’s almost identical.

Therefore, the second one has seen less use and is probably less deteriorated.


Is there a good mileage limit for a used car?


By now you know that a good mileage on a used car is a low one, and while that’s not the only answer you need to make up your mind, it can give you some clues about the car status.

Secondly, you know that this number has to be looked at in relation to the year of registration and manufacture of the car. Because when a car has less use it is in better condition for a longer time.

But… you also have to know that regardless of the age of the car, there is a mileage limit. That is, you cannot conclude that a very high mileage is correct because the car is very old and proportionally has given it little use.

Firstly, because you are not interested in such an old car, and secondly, because although a car may be in very good condition on the surface, if the mileage is very high, it will there will be few ki leftlife meters.

So, yes, there is a limit to good mileage for a used car: 100,000 miles.

If you do not want to spend more time in the workshop than on the road or that each ITV is an odyssey, never buy a car with more than 100,000 mi, or else you will be acquiring a very used, old car that is likely to end up in a junkyard soon.


What happens if a car has more than 100,000 miles?


If a car has more than 100,000 mi and you buy it, it is very likely that it will start giving you problems sooner.

For example, you will have to replace the timing belt, which is a very high and costly expense that can range from 500 dollars or more (depends on the model).

In turn, it is very likely that it will involve constant breakdowns and repairs that on average will cost you more than 200 dollars per year.

Therefore, if you add up all the expenses that a car with high mileage brings, you will understand that it is more profitable to make a greater investment for a car with less mileage.


Beware of a rigged odometer!


Odometers can be tweaked and it’s not too hard to do. In addition, they can be tricked into different models and makes of car, therefore, you should always be aware that the number it marks is correct.

However, if you buy a used car from a professional, you don’t have much to fear, as they all offer a guarantee, which they sign and offer you. More dangerous is when you buy the car from an individual…

Fortunately, sometimes there are very clear indications that an odometer is rigged, although you can’t always know for sure.

If they tell you that the mileage of the car is less than 100,000 mi and you notice any of these signs, it is very likely that it is rigged:

  • Whitty headlights: A car with less than 100,000 or 150,000 miles should not have whitish headlights, since these They acquire this color by greater exposure to the sun.
  • Interior elements: if for example the glove compartment, the doors or other elements that you will have easy access to are loose and tight, but the odometer is low, probably rigged. The same goes for the hardness of the seats. If they are very soft and indicate a low mileage, it is a lie.
  • Also pedal wear is a very clear signal.


Frequently asked questions about good mileage on a used car


In addition to all the information you’ve learned about a car’s mileage, there are other questions you should consider before buying a used car.


How many miles does a car engine last?


This depends a lot on the car, but normally a gasoline engine stays at 120,000 miles, although of course if you take care of it, you can reach 150,000 or more, it depends on the engine , the manufacturer, the use you give it…

A diesel engine can reach up to 200,000 miles and sometimes it overcome.


Which lasts longer, a diesel or gasoline engine?


a diesel engine lasts longer, in fact the manufacturers recommend changing the engine once it has reached 200,000 miles. Instead, professionals recommend changing the gasoline engine once it has reached 120,000 miles.


How many miles is a lot for a diesel car?


If you are thinking of buying a second-hand diesel car, make sure that the engine has not exceeded 150,000 miles, otherwise it is a very used car and not has a good used car mileage.

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