How to finance a used car? Best ways to do it

How to finance a used car? Best ways to do it

When deciding to buy a car, there are many factors to consider. Undoubtedly, among the most important aspects is the financial issue. We will always try to aspire to a more modern, more luxurious, more comfortable, more attractive car. But we must bear in mind that all these qualities can increase the price we will have to pay. In any case, we are not only interested in knowing the value of the car, but also the form of financing. It is likely that with certain payment facilities we can acquire a better vehicle than if we had to pay in cash. Therefore, it is important to know how to finance a used car in order to make the best decision and get the car of our dreams. In this article you will find all the information you need on this topic.


Before buying a car: useful tips


The first decision we must make before buying a car is whether we want to buy a new one or a used one. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages in each case. In short, we can say that a new car has as its main attraction the appearance and, to a certain extent, the manufacturer’s guarantee. But thinking about it a little better, the only concrete benefit is being able to boast of having a new car, since there are used cars that are in perfect condition and also have a seller’s guarantee. In those cases, used ones have enormous advantages. First of all, the value is considerably lower than that of a new car. This is because, in general, the greatest depreciation of the car occurs when it leaves the dealership. That’s a second advantage: By buying a used one, you won’t suffer most of the loss in value. And third, maintenance is also cheaper, saving you a few bucks on the cost of insurance.

Once you have decided that the best option is to buy a used car, you should evaluate all the options that are available in the market. There is a huge variety of makes and models to choose from. At Airport we have a most complete used catalogue, with options for all needs. Depending on the use and your personal and family characteristics, the type of car to select may vary. Obviously, a compact is not the same as a sedan or an SUV, or even a truck with space to transport large objects. Before you ask yourself how to finance a used car, you need to decide which vehicle you want to buy.

Once you know the type of car you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to be open to the possibilities. If you want a particular make and model, the options you can find on the market are likely to be reduced. On the other hand, if you are willing to buy a wider range of models, you will find many more possibilities that lead to a better deal.

In addition to all of the above, an important recommendation is that you go to trusted sellers. In many cases, problems with used cars can be avoided by having the vehicle technically and mechanically checked. However, this can be expensive, as it requires the eyes of an expert. Doing a test drive of the car can help to obtain an overview of its operation, but it does not guarantee that there are problems that are not visible to the naked eye. Many used car dealers prep vehicles with their own service. At Airport, we make sure that every used car is in perfect condition and ready to drive. This includes both the mechanical aspect and the necessary documentation, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


How to finance a used car: financing options


There are many financing options when purchasing a used car. Some of them may be cheaper, others more comfortable and others more convenient. The important thing is that, when deciding how to finance a used car, you are aware of your financial situation to ensure that you enter into a deal that can be sustainable over time. This implies making an analysis of the money saved, but also of the income that you expect to receive in the future and of the expenses, both current and exceptional that may arise. With a complete overview of the financial status, you can decide between the financing options to select the one that best suits your needs.

One ​​possibility is to pay the full value of the vehicle in cash. This option is not usually chosen by consumers, since it implies getting rid of a large amount of money all together. In many cases, some people need a vehicle more or less immediately, so they don’t have enough time to raise the dollars and pay in cash. The main advantage of this method is that it is possible to obtain some discount from the seller. However, due to the complexity involved in having all the money at one time, it is not usually the most chosen option.

The ways to obtain financing can be varied. Many times, people decide to obtain a loan from a financial institution, such as a bank. In this way, the credit comes from an external source. It is necessary to consider that banks usually ask for many requirements when granting a loan of this type. It is logical that many people prefer to avoid this bureaucratic procedure for many reasons. In some cases, the requirements are not easy to meet: excessive time must be spent getting the documents and doing the paperwork. In other cases, people directly cannot comply with everything that is required of them. And finally, many times the loan conditions are not the most convenient. The amounts may be too low to buy the car you want, especially for people with low incomes. Or, more importantly, the interest rate may be excessively high, turning credit into a trap that is difficult to get out of.

Definitely, the most convenient way to finance a used car is by taking advantage of the financing possibilities offered by the dealerships themselves. In many cases, the rates can be very convenient and the terms adjustable to the needs of each client. The most favorable option may be to pay a part in cash and finance the rest of the value, or obtain financing for the total. The concessionaires usually offer a variety of possibilities and, in many cases, the requirements are not as demanding as the financial entities. In addition, the process will be much easier since all the interaction will take place in the same place and with the same people. That can mean significant savings in time and resources.


The best idea of ​​how to finance a used car


At Airport we have a wide range of financing for our used cars, through the Buy Here Pay Here method. This means that we will do everything to make it as easy as possible for your purchase. You will buy the car you want and pay for it in monthly payments at the same dealership, without intermediaries. In this way, you will be sure to get a suitable deal, which allows you to buy a car without having cash and with minimum requirements. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a favorable credit history, you can still access financing.

The bottom line, when wondering how to finance a used car, keep Airport financing in mind. The deal will be simple and practical, with undemanding requirements and with the convenience of being able to purchase your used car in easy installments. We have a wide variety of makes and models for you to choose the next car of your dreams.

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