How to Clean Car Windows Perfectly

How to Clean Car Windows Perfectly

Taking care of our vehicle can be a lot of work, but it also has its rewards. Not only does it allow us to enjoy a car in better conditions, but we are also taking care of our heritage. Therefore, today we are going to show you some tips on how to clean car windows, to keep them looking like new.

First of all, when we get ready to clean our car, it is advisable to leave the windows for last. In this way, we prevent dirt from the rest of the vehicle from affecting the windows once they are already clean. Another tip that may seem obvious is to park the car in the shade when washing it. The sun can quickly dry out water droplets and cleaning products, creating new stains and making the task much more difficult.


How to clean car windows with specific products


One of the most important points in knowing how to clean car windows is choosing the right products. There are many and of great variety, so you have to choose carefully. For example, ammonia products can clean very well, but they can also damage paint and dry out rubber seals. For this reason, it is always advisable to resort to specific car window cleaners, which do not contain ammonia.

Start by cleaning the front and rear windshields. They are the largest windows in the car and therefore the ones that will take the longest. Spray a good amount of the product diluted in water, and rub gently with a sponge. Try to detect the most specific stains, such as those that insects usually leave, to rub more intensely. These types of stains can be more difficult to remove. In some cases, it may be necessary to use other products, or leave it to soak for a while with a cloth dampened with the product.

To remove the cleaning product, you can use a rubber squeegee like the one used for house windows, or an absorbent cloth. There is no better technique than the other that indicates how to clean car windows, the preference of using one or the other will depend on each person. The important thing is that you can achieve a convincing, blemish-free result.


How to clean car windows with homemade products


Sometimes, we don’t have all the items we need to do a deep or professional-like cleaning. It may be that we do not want to buy so many products, or that we do not have them within reach at that time. In those situations, there are several home techniques that can be used to clean the windows of our car.

A little known but quite effective method is to use hair shampoo. We must dilute a tablespoon in approximately a liter of water, mixing until a uniform liquid is achieved. With a cloth that does not leave residues, we spread the solution all over the glass and let it act for a minute. Then we remove it with the same cloth and finally dry it well using absorbent paper.

This trick on how to clean car windows has some added benefits. Not only does it have the advantage of being able to use an element that anyone has at home, but it also provides interesting properties. First of all, it generates less water adhesion, so when driving in the rain we will have less obstruction in sight. In addition, the shampoo protects glass from scratches and dust, and prevents strong reflections from light sources.


Tips on how to clean car windows


Some other tips to properly clean your car windows are:


  • Clean the side windows last. This allows you to save some energy, as they are likely to get dirty or splashed while you wash other parts of the car.
  • When cleaning the side windows, remember to lower them a little and clean the edge well. It is common for that part to be forgotten and dirty.
  • You also have to clean the inside of the windows to make them really clean. For this, you can use a microfiber cloth and then dry with absorbent paper. Probable inside may not be as dirty as the outside.
  • Don’t forget to clean the side mirrors while you wash the windows.
  • At the end, clean the rubbers of the windshield wipers and dry them with a cloth. Dirt build-up on the wiper blade can re-soil the glass or, in the worst case, scratch it.


As we can see, there are many techniques and tips on how to clean car windows. The important thing is that you can do a good job to enjoy your car. Remember that at Airport you can get the best used ones and enjoy the advantages of “Buy Here Pay Here”, so don’t forget to check out our catalogue.

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